Great Returns, Total Peace of Mind

Peer to peer lending is a disruptive force in consumer lending, Kenya has a large informal market which has remained untapped for the longest time. It is not uncommon to find people getting bread on credit from local kiosks, airtime from their nearest shop. This is the essence of peer-to-peer lending, where people can borrow money from the people that they know. The lenders make profits and the borrowers get money to meet their needs, creating a win-win situation for all.

Lending your money is a better way to grow your money by lending it directly to sensible people, after conducting your due diligence.

Pesa Pata offers fantastic returns by lending your money directly to creditworthy borrowers. They benefit from instant loans while you earn interest/commissions. We’ve also gone the extra mile to ensure repayment of the loans by listing defaulters with the Credit Reference Bureau