Great return on your investments

12%6 months
24%1 year

Start Lending

Pesa Pata Top Up

Once you put up your entry fee amount, Pesa Pata will top you up with 60% of your entry fee in order to lend in any particular month. For example, if you put a entry fee lending amount of Kshs 5,000, Pesa Pata will top you up with Kshs 3,000 so that you are able to lend Kshs 8,000 in that month

Auto Reminder

All your borrowers receive a reminder on their payments due at 5.00 am on their due date. You also receive a reminder showing you the people who need to pay your loan that day

Auto Income

You receive automated weekly commissions via MPESA

Risk Management

Pesa Pata has some of the lowest default rates because our loan agents are very selective about who can borrow. Due diligence is conducted for each borrower.

Agent Portal

You will gain access to a portal which allows you to have an overview of your money. You will be able to view the client dashboard, repayment rates, active accounts, commissions earned etc