Imagine applying for a loan from an individual by entering a few pieces of information into your mobile platform and receiving the loan within seconds.

Loan Weekly Repayment
2000 650
4000 1300
8000 2600
10000 3250
12000 3900
16000 5200
20000 6500

Definition of an Agent

An agent is a person who lends money through the Pesa Pata platform. In order to register as an agent, you must put up the entry fee required. An angel investor may put up your initial capital or you may put up the initial capital yourself

Definition of a Client

A client is a person who borrows money through the platform and must be known by an agent. Repayments are spread over the course of one month.

In order to register as a client, you must send Kshs 100 to the pay bill number 519606.

Please note that an agent can be a client at the same time.

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