Who are we?

We have won several accolades. In 2013, we were recognized as the winner of the CIO Plus awards for best innovation in the Financial Services Sector. We have been approved by Central Bank of Kenya as a Credit Provider as per caption 23(2) of the Credit Reference Bureau Regulation 2013. We have recently been awarded the ISAQ Award in the Gold Category on the basis of the criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model

What is peer to peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending, also known as marketplace lending, is an innovative concept which involves of the direct matching of lenders and borrowers via a peer-to-peer lending platform like PesaPata. This enables lenders to enjoy far better returns and borrowers to enjoy low cost loans without the sneaky fees charged by traditional financial institutions.

Peer-to-peer lending continues to grow exponentially and is at the heart of the alternative finance movement.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is defined as an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants’ payment, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pesa Pata only allows you to earn when you lend money to clients and it is therefore not a pyramid scheme but a sustainable and vetted business model

I want to be an agent. I understand that I can earn up to Kshs 200,000 per month. However, it sounds too good to be true.

You will earn your commissions when you lend money to your clients. Become a Pesa Pata agent today and experience your extra income.

I am very interested in becoming a Pesa Pata agent. I do not have the initial entry fee.

Upon expressing interest, Pesa Pata may get you an angel investor to put up the entry fee for you. This means splitting the commission with the angel investor. The investors typically start off with a entry fee amount of Kshs 5,000. Upon success, the investors will then continue to top up your entry fee amounts.

I want a loan from Pesa Pata.

You can also earn by borrowing money from Pesa Pata. As a Pesa Pata agent, you can lend money to other people AND at the same time borrow money from the platform. You are able to earn at the same time

I have the entry fee. I do not want to lend the money myself.

In Kenya, half of the working population is unemployed. You may decide to create an impact by providing job creation for someone who is unemployed. You can put up the entry fee amount and get them to operate the account. You will then split the commissions with the person whom you have employed. For example, if you put up a entry fee amount of Kshs 5,000-the commissions you should get per month are Kshs 1,600. You may decide to give Kshs 800 to the person operating the account. The Pesa Pata platform has automated this process and has the capability to give you the full view of your accounts and respective clients.

Is entry fee refundable?

The entry fee is a one-time fee that is non-refundable. If you get into a supermarket and buy soap, you exchange the soap with money. When you get home, you do not go back to the supermarket to claim your money back by returning the soap. Our business operates with the same principle. Our credit facility ensures that you recover the entry fee within the first 13 weeks through the commissions. For the remaining life of the account, you are then operating with profits. For example, if you put up a entry fee amount of Kshs 5,000, earning Kshs 400 per week, it means that you will recover the amount in 13 weeks.

The other benefit is that the entry fee allows you to operate for upto 5 years without requiring the need for a top up. Additionally, if you no longer wish to run the Pesa Pata platform, the accounts may be transferred to another individual

I have been an active Pesa Pata Agent. I don’t have the resources to add an additional entry fee?

The company will assist you to look for angel investors who may decide to top you up with the entry fee you seek. Angel investors look out to invest in agents who have demonstrated commitment and have a good track record.

How much do i need to invest to become an agent?

You can become a pesa pata agent by investing as little as ksh. 5000

I need an agent to whom i can borrow a loan from?

To make it easier finding our agents,dial *269*444# and follow each directive shown,a pesapata agent from your
locality will contact you and visit you.

How do I become a member of this system?

To become a member,start by dialing *269# proceed by accepting the terms and conditions.

What is the procedure of getting a loan?

First get in touch with a pesapata agent from your locality,allow the agent to visit and assess your business and your guarantor to determine how much you qualify to borrow,the agent with then proceed to process the loan for you.